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Campus Security Authority Crime Report

If this is an emergency please contact Campus Police immediately as 540-828-5609.

CSAs are required to report any Act qualifying crimes that they are made aware of to the Bridgewater College Campus Police Department. Timely reporting of crimes is encouraged and sometimes required. Campus Police will use the submitted information to verify the appropriate crime classification and to compile statistics to be included in the Annual Security Reports that Bridgewater College publishes and distributes each fall.

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Crime Reporting: It is the policy of Bridgewater College to ensure that the victims and witnesses to crimes are aware of their right to report criminal acts to the Bridgewater College Campus Police and Safety Department at (540)-828-5609. The CSA should ask the reporting party if they would like to report the crime to Campus Police. If the reporting party wants Campus Police contacted, the CSA should contact Campus Police.

Anonymity: If a crime reporting party request anonymity, this request must be honored to the extent permitted by law. Accordingly, no information should be included on this form that would personally identify the victim without his/her consent.